Whitton Community Centre Open Day – 5 May 2008


On the 5 May 2008 our club together with all the other organisation which meet at the Centre participated in a public ‘Open Day’ to show to the residents of Whitton what we get up to.

The variety of clubs which meet at the Centre can be seen on the Centres web page www.whitton.ca.freeuk.com

The day was a great success for the Centre with a considerable number of locals signing up for membership.

Our demonstration stations included the club’s HF set up using the Windom dipole together with a second HF station using ‘digi modes and connected to our 3 element HF beam. This station was setup to attract those who like using computers and how they can be mixed in with our hobby.

However, what stole the show for us was the 2m station set up by Kevin G1KAW who at the last moment confirmed an ‘Earth-Moon-Earth’ contact with the USA.

To those who contacted the station by radio ‘a big thank to all of you who called in us al as the demo station is only as good as the quality of the contacts made.

The photographs attached where taken by Nigel Mearing who is a member of the Whitton photographic club. (Photos to follow)

You will see that we where visited by our local Councilor Cranfield-Adams who was in his last week of being Mayor of the Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

If you look into our old Club web page you will see that over the years our local events have attracted the Mayor. However, on this occassion it was a pleasure to introduce Councilor Cranfield-Adams and his companions to our club members and to demonstrate our hobby.

During the day and with the Mayor present we showed the RSGB video which was of great interest to visitors. The RSGB video in question is a few years old but enjoyed by us as a club as it shows our club and members during the GQ0MIN demonstration.

It was a great success and everyone who attended had a great time.

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