M2W on Wikipedia???

The club being a modest contest group it was surprising to read on the web page ‘Contesting From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia’ web page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contesting#Typical_contest_exchange a reference to our club contest call M2W.

The web page explains to the reader the following;
a ‘Typical contest exchange’

Contacts between stations in a contest are often brief. A typical exchange between two stations on voice — in this case between a station in England and one in New Zealand in the CQ World Wide DX Contest — might proceed as follows:

Station 1: CQ contest Mike Two Whiskey, Mike Two Whiskey, contest.

(Station M2W is soliciting a contact in the contest)

Station 2: Zulu Lima Six Quebec Hotel

(The station calling, ZL6QH, gives only his callsign. No more information is needed.)

Station 1: ZL6QH 59 14 (said as “five nine one four”).

(M2W confirms the ZL6QH call sign, sends a signal report of 59, and is in Zone 14 (Western Europe).)

Station 2: Thanks 59 32 (said as “five nine three two”).

(ZL6QH confirms reception of M2W’s exchange, sends a signal report of 59, and is in Zone 32 (South Pacific).)

Station 1: Thanks Mike Two Whiskey

(M2W confirms ZL6QH’s exchange, is now listening for new stations.)

So which club member is going to own up to working ZL6QH? As you will see from below the contact was not only DX for M2W but another radio club. Do find time to vist there web page which is www.zl6qh.com as it explains their CW entry in the 2006 CQWW DX SSB and CW contests.

Quartz Hill Amateur Radio Station Operated By Wellington Amateur Radio Club
12c/186 The Terrace (ZL2AOH Call Sign Trustee)
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

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