M2W CQ Worldwide SSB

TO all

Whitton Amateur Radio Group
M2W CQWW SSB 27th – 28th October 2007 Operating Rota

Just to remind you that CQ Contest is just around the corner and those wishing to take part need to Advise Garo G0PZA garo.molozian@ntlworld.com and Paul M0TZO gadget17@gmail.com as soon as possble (by email remove NOSPAM from addresses) or by leaving a message on the Forum. Direct email is preferred.

In line with past contests a timetable has been arranged so now go to the forum to get the link. To be added to this timetable please also advise Paul when emailing Garo so that you can be booked in.

If you are not able to participate can you also advise Garo and Paul?

If are planning to visit the station to generally help or would like to operate ‘as and when’ – please also tell Garo and Paul.

This message will also be on the club web page Forum & Yahoo Group.

73 Ian

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