New Club Antenna

Over the years the length of our clubs long wire annanta has been the subject of a number of ‘comments’ from our radio friends at the ‘Isle of White Radio Club’ regarding which club has the longest!!

As this has become a matter of club pride in regard to the length of our long wire it became necessary for us to plant a ‘mole’ within the IofW to bring this issue to a conclusion. We can at long last divulged that our infiltrator was Paul 2E0TZO. He reported that it was necessary for us to take action to reclaim our boast as the IofW had extended their wire and it could be a few centimetres longer than ours!

On Saturday the 16 September 2006, with the assistance of John Wohlgemuth 2E1DRV from the telephone company Orange to turn off two mobile phone transmitters working on 2g and 3g mobile networks and Nigel Mearing from St Augustine’s Church who took numerous photographs from the Church Tower we replaced our long wire with a full size ‘ 160 Carolina Windom obtained from our local radio dealer Martin Lynch & Sons. This ideal all-band antenna gives DX performance on the low frequency bands we plan to make good use particularly during the forthcoming CQ worldwide HF contest.

To explain the photographs the end of the Windom has been attached to our local Church Tower and slopes back down to our Community Centre, which is the building in front of the Cemetery. Therefore the dead centre of Whitton! Our vertical HF and VHF/UHF aerials can be seen on the side of the Community Centre. The height at the Church is believed to be approx 90 feet high but if the IofW is reading this then its at least 200 feet!!. And our new antenna is a triple double full size160 Windom. Although, looking down from the Church Tower it seems a lot taller.

Further photographs can be seen on taken by Phillip M0EAS.

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