Training Update

Over the last five years the Whitton Amateur Radio Group have made available training in ‘Foundation and Intermediate’ courses as well as providing exam facilities for ‘Advanced’. During December 2009 a further three successfully, completed the foundation course.

Just after the results where announced (from left to right) Colin Peters M0DMJ Trainer, Marek Kroemeke and Dee and Eric Govan. Dee and Eric Govan already have marine licences and are looking forward to using there amateur call signs while sailing the high seas.

Alison Johnston (G8ROG) RSGB, Regional Manager for London and Thames Valley) commented “the Whitton club members particularly, Colin Peters (M0DMJ) the clubs trainer has put in a lot of hard work and commitment into these important courses and it is refreshing to see a club with such dedication to the hobby, the results over the last few years speak for themselves, 59 passes in total”.

On a side note, all the group mentioned they used and they didn’t know Paul MØTZO also maintains the Whitton Amateur Radio Group webpage.

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