Kew 3 – 30th and 31st August 2009 – GB0KEW

What a great weekend moving the club station to Kew Steam Museum by invitation from the Museum. We was asked to set up a radio amateur station GB0KEW so we could become involved with the weekend celebrating the ‘Home Front’ during the Second World War in conjuction with ‘Pumping Stations on the Air’.

The demonstration station was supported by the RSGB Region 9 Area Manager Alison Johnston (G8ROG).

The weekend started as visitors entered and where first met by the staff volunteers dressed up as either the Home Guard, Shop Keepers, local Police, military Police and within the shadows ‘Viv the Spive’ selling watches petrol coupons and ladies stockings!

The time table of events to entertain the public was spaced through out the day and included demonstrations ranging of all of the steam water pumping engines and the steam railway together with demonstrations of ‘Make and mend’, Ministry of Food ‘, Dig for Victory’ and how the unsung heroes of London Transport kept the Busses, Tram’s and underground railways going despite the attacks from enemy action as this part of London was heavily damaged during the Blitz. The tea room served a war time menu including span fritters and corn beef war time prices! We were well fed at Second World War prices!

Our radio station an ICOM line up with matching ATU and amp worked into a Windom antenna which was supported by the main water tower and stretched across the main car park. We would like to thank all the stations that called into GB0KEW over the weekend and made our event possible to demonstrate our hobby. We are looking forward to receiving QSL cards so that they can be added and displayed next year together with the QSL cards which we have received over the last two years.

Within our photographs are some pictures which show the view across West London from the top of the Water Tower and for those wondering how high the tower is well it’s over 247 steps! And the views show Wembley Stadium with Box Hill in the background, Central London and Docklands and either direction along the Thames towards Richmond and South London.

Photographs taken on the day are shown within our picture galley GBØKEW Photos.

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