Quadrantids Meteorscatter

Through out the day Wednesday 3rd January 2007, Kevin G1KAW started the clubs year with an impressive demonstration of operating under the Clubs call sign G0MIN on the 2m VHF band demonstrating vhf contacts using the Quadrantids meteorscatter. Dem GØTSU and Michael G3WOE helped Kevin G1KAW with Lee GØRHB, David GØMRF, Ian GØOFN, Colin MØDMJ and Garo GØPZA in in attendance.

The vhf station consisted of Yaesu FT736R together with a 200W linear amplifier with two nine-element yagis. With the use of the Internet VHF stations within Europe was contacted to arrange skeds’ and the distances worked were remarkable.

Further information on Quadrantids meteorscatter and VHF in general can be found on www.meteorscatter.de/index.html

The photograph shows some of the VHF station and with Kevin G1KAW in the blue top with Michael G3WOE in the background to his left and David GØMRF to his right.

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