G100RSGB at Whitton ARG


The Whitton Amateur Radio Group has taken part in a a world-wide celebration of the Radio Society of Great Britain the body that represents Britain’s radio amateurs throughout the UK and the world.

Club Chairman, Garo Molozian said “Club members mounted a public display and demonstration on the 21 June using amateur radio to talk around the world using a special callsign with visitors to the Whitton Community Centre talking to radio amateurs around the world. We’re very pleased to be actively supported by our national Society the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and where able to show the public what amateur radio is all about.

The award winning radio group has been based at the Whitton Community Centre in Percy Road for 25 years and the Community Centre has always supported the radio group resulting in the radio club to be acknowledged around the world.

“Amateur radio has undergone a resurgence in the past ten years through a new licence system making it much more attractive to a wide range of people. Amateur radio appeals to people who have an interest in how things work. Amateur radio is the original social network.”

Alan Rides from The Community Centre said “the public found the day extremely interesting and hopes that those who visited for the first time and having seen what other activities are available would like to become a member of the Community Centre.

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