27/28 March 2010 CQWPX Contest 2010

Operating from the Club room of the Community Centre two HF contest stations where set up a few hours before the weekend contest so we could as a club participate in the above contest transmitting continuous for 48 hours beginning Friday Midnight and ending 11 pm (local time) Sunday.

Two temporary verticals where also constructed Friday evening for 80m and 40m complementing the three element beam and two multi- wire-dipoles.

The club aim for this contest was to encourage newly licence operators to take part to give them confidence in operating in congested band conditions as a practice for this year’s CQ World Wide.

It was important that we all done our best in this contest because the club’s M2W special contest call now depends on it. We need to score at least one third of the number of QSO’s of the on test winner in this category, otherwise we might lose the M2Wcallsign. (New Ofcom rules just announced).

M2W Station:

Station 1 = IC 766 PRO III plus PW1 Linear

Station 2 = IC 756 PRO III plus IC2KL Linear


20M / 15M / 10m = Club Tribander raised to full height (40 feet)
40M Vertical
80M Vertical (60 feet)
10M to 80M Carolina Windom (Mainly for 20M and 15M as second Ant)
10M to 80M G5RV (Backup multiband Antenna – subject to EMC)

We did not use 160M in order not to set off alarm system of the Library next door.

The Logging software was N1MM and networked using two laptops.  The training session on a club night leading up to the contest was a considerable benefit to all operators.

Our results

Band              QSOs             Pts        WPX
3.5                336                 886        186
7                 446                 1160      195
14                621                 967        247
21                144                 346          74
28                    8                   16            3

Total               1555             3375      705

Score: 2,379,375

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