4th International Pumping Stations on the Air

Well it’s that time of year again for the International Pumping Stations on the Air event or locally known as Kew.

This is the 4th year & sadly for the club the 1st without Mike G1WIA at the helm.

The event will be open on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th at 11am until 5pm. The club will be operating on HF with CW and SSB using the callsign GB0KEW.

As in previous years the museum will be open and other events will be happening around Kew, although you know you’ll only be attending for the radio, but whilst there you can learn about Kew as well.

We look forward to seeing any visitors who wish to visit us on either of the two days.

Any WARG members wishing to visit the museum have been given a reduced club rate fee of just £6.00. The full rate for non-club members is £9.00.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum link

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1 Response to 4th International Pumping Stations on the Air

  1. Garo says:

    Great first day today. Bob and Linda did a great job in organising it. Colin No 1, Bob, Linda and I were there almost all day today. Worked mainly G’s on 80M and a variety on 20M, including Israel and Malta. Many of the G’s had worked us last year and the year before, fantastic !! Kevin phoned, Ian texted in and we spoke to Colin No 2 on the radio. We spoke to someone in Gozo who knows JJ, currently 9H4JJ. We will try and work him tomorrow.

    Looking forward to day 2…

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