2012L http://www.2o12l.com

With the end of IOTA contest weekend coming to a exciting end some of the club members still had the ‘contest calling’ which they needed to get out of their system. The answer came with the very special invite from an old contest friend of the club Nobby G0VJG; the invite was for club members to participate in the London Games Amateur Radio Station 2012L the largest UK event station since the GB50 Golden Jubilee station at Windsor Castle.

2012L is based near the Olympic Games in New Eltham, Southeast London to operate for the same duration as the Olympic and Paralympic sporting events. We recommend that you review the web site http://www.2o12l.com/ as there are some excellent photographs of the station and antennas, which we would all like in our suburban back gardens!

Within the 2O12L web site they have an on line log book so that you can ‘double check’ your call sign just to make sure that if you did make a contact that you have been correctly noted down. Looking through the statistics the number of repeat contacts on numerous bands show how popular the special event turned out to be.

The Whitton members who took part:-
Garo G0PZA, Toby 2E0TBO (also IT Manager for 2O12L) and Colin (2) 2E0NOC

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