472kHz band

The club extended its ‘DX record’ for the new 472kHz band at the regular Friday evening meeting on 15th February 2013.

The club station G0MIN, Operated by CW enthusiast and club chairman Garo, worked OK2BVG in locator JN88KS over a distance of 1262km exchanging 559 reports both ways. Lukos had an impressive signal for 25 Watts output, helped considerably by a 41m high vertical antenna.

The club uses its long wire antenna and 150Watts to generate 5W eirp which is the maximum power allowed by the UK licence. Garo also worked GI3PDN, G0CDQ, and DJ5BV.

See G0MIN 472khz station photograph in earlier post ..

Paul took a short bit of video on the night:-

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