M2W – 26 October – 2012 CQWW DX SSB

On the 26th October a team from the club with members from the Cray Valley Radio Society, met at Wood’s Corner in East Sussex (JO00EW) for the 2012 CQWW DX SSB contest.

The operators where;-
Toby Tiesdell Smith 2E0TBO, Nobby Styles G0VJG, Kevin Rampton G1KAW, Ralph Browne M0MYC, Colin Arbon 2E0BOC and Dave Lawley

M2W was used in the category of ‘Single Transmitter Multi Operator.

The radio equipment used was;-

Kenwood TS-2000
UK Amps Challenger III amplifier
and the antennas were a two element quad for 10m, 15m and 20m, and ¼ wave verticals for 40m and 80m.

Toby 2E0TBO reported that the conditions were excellent on the bands for the entire contest, with a total of 3967 QSOs made, with 1410 logged on 10m alone. Some great run rates were seen, the best being 173 in an hour on 15m. The weather was wet and windy, all of the antennas took some punishment from the wind, the 20 meter driven element on the quad and the 40m vertical had to be repaired on the second morning, but did not affect the team greatly.

The raw scores before corrections has M2W as;-

World: #96 of 357
Continent: #54 of 194
Country: #1 of 8
96th in the world, 54th in Europe and 1st in England, ahead with a clear million points.


Garo G0PZA Club chairman  “What a fantastic score for the club call”

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Christmas Dinner 2012

Adelaide Xmas Menu

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2012 WPX CW Contest

CW / M2W / Multi-Op Single-transmitter


Claimed scores before log checking. Last updated: 2012-09-04

Listing shows rank, call, score, and operators. Checklogs are not included.

World: #36 of 112

31 S53F……….8,211,401 (S53F S57L)
32 OG8N……….8,109,255 (OH8LRB OH6CT OH8WW)
33 KS7AA………7,844,694 (K5RC K7NV KH6ND)
34 OL7C……….7,840,790 (OK1FIK OK1AW OK1DUB)
35 OG1M……….7,609,030 (AC6T OH1VR OH3LB OH3KAV)
36 M2W………..7,177,165 (G0PZA G3WOE G4KLF G1KAW 2E0TBO)
37 NN1AA………7,096,347 (W1VE K2LE)
38 DA0I……….7,043,400 (PE7T DL5EBE DK1II)
39 OL1C……….6,836,924 (OK1IPS OK1DOY OK1DPU OK1FPQ OK1IEC)
40 TM5A……….6,807,258 (W6NV)
41 G5D………..6,702,292 (G3UJE G3KAF G3RKF G3TDH G8APB M0VAA M1EYP)
[all scores]

Continent: #22 of 59

17 SW8A……….8,236,710 (LZ1QN LZ1GC LZ2JR SV2HWR SV2MAC)
18 S53F……….8,211,401 (S53F S57L)
19 OG8N……….8,109,255 (OH8LRB OH6CT OH8WW)
20 OL7C……….7,840,790 (OK1FIK OK1AW OK1DUB)
21 OG1M……….7,609,030 (AC6T OH1VR OH3LB OH3KAV)
22 M2W………..7,177,165 (G0PZA G3WOE G4KLF G1KAW 2E0TBO)
23 DA0I……….7,043,400 (PE7T DL5EBE DK1II)
24 OL1C……….6,836,924 (OK1IPS OK1DOY OK1DPU OK1FPQ OK1IEC)
25 TM5A……….6,807,258 (W6NV)
26 G5D………..6,702,292 (G3UJE G3KAF G3RKF G3TDH G8APB M0VAA M1EYP)
27 SZ1A……….6,690,420 (SV2FWV SV1DPJ SV8GKE SV1DPI)
[all scores]

Country: #1 of 2

1 M2W………..7,177,165 (G0PZA G3WOE G4KLF G1KAW 2E0TBO)
2 G5D………..6,702,292 (G3UJE G3KAF G3RKF G3TDH G8APB M0VAA M1EYP)

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2004 UK Ham Radio promotional video – What is Amateur Radio ?

Radio Society of Great Britain http://www.rsgb.org/

For those who have joined our club over recent years you maybe interest to look at this RSGB film as it features the Whitton Club.

This year we learnt of Albert G4VBH becoming a silent key and this RSGB video includes him ‘old man of the club’ a nice tribute.

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Radio Fairs

West London Electronics Show at Kempton Race course Sunbury on Thames

Sunday 11 November 2012 opens at 10am


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2012L http://www.2o12l.com

With the end of IOTA contest weekend coming to a exciting end some of the club members still had the ‘contest calling’ which they needed to get out of their system. The answer came with the very special invite from an old contest friend of the club Nobby G0VJG; the invite was for club members to participate in the London Games Amateur Radio Station 2012L the largest UK event station since the GB50 Golden Jubilee station at Windsor Castle.

2012L is based near the Olympic Games in New Eltham, Southeast London to operate for the same duration as the Olympic and Paralympic sporting events. We recommend that you review the web site http://www.2o12l.com/ as there are some excellent photographs of the station and antennas, which we would all like in our suburban back gardens!

Within the 2O12L web site they have an on line log book so that you can ‘double check’ your call sign just to make sure that if you did make a contact that you have been correctly noted down. Looking through the statistics the number of repeat contacts on numerous bands show how popular the special event turned out to be.

The Whitton members who took part:-
Garo G0PZA, Toby 2E0TBO (also IT Manager for 2O12L) and Colin (2) 2E0NOC

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M2W – IOTA 2012

Our yearly ritual of trekking down to the South Coast for the IOTA contest was once more a huge triumph for the club and we would once more like to thank Kevin G1KAW for organizing this.

As with previous years operations the station consisted of two ICOM IC756PRO III’s together with a 10-15-20M 3 element beam and our monster multi band beam a Mosley Pro 57B with 40m add-on shown in this photograph, was hand turned which was an effort during the night!   Adding to this were 40m and 80m verticals. Kevin G1KAW, Toby 2E0TBO, Garo G0PZA Colin 2E0NOC, Grahame M6GAN, Colin M0DMJ and Jack, our resident SWL, erected all the antennas for the weekend, on the Friday, ready for IOTA on the Saturday.

Undertaking such contests, there are always happy memories and this year there were two highlights one unexpected with Colin M0DMJ and Jack dishing up the biggest BBQ the club has ever seen for a number of years and the second  unexpected was a old friend of the club calling in on 20m Vlad, UA9FAR.  It was a shame that we never had the opportunity to chat with Vlad, but with a bit of luck, we will catch up with him on a Friday club evening when using our club call GX0MIN.

Jonathan G8GD had quite a week before the contest having taken part in ‘Follow the Torch’ GX4WAB an Olympic station based in Hampton West London.  Jonathan G8GD has also added a selection of photos within our Yahoo group. Although they are reduced in resolution from the originals they do show how the weekend went.

Toby 2E0TBO is a member of the Project Echo 2O12L Olympic station in the Royal Borough of Greenwich as the IT Manager, who spent the earlier part of the week assembling antennas, setting up the IT network and spent the first night working the world when the station started.  He still found the time to join us on Friday and not only erected antennas, he also took two four-hour SSB shifts.  Thank you Toby.

If you are a member of another contest club who took part in IOTA, and you are therefore interested then you will be asking yourself ‘so how did they get on?’  We operated on both CW and SSB using 3,5, 7, 14, 21, and 28megs.  If Colin has done his sums correctly then our score for the weekend should be in the region of 5.2 Million points, some 44% up on last year (thank you IOTA for changing the scoring system!)  We found the band conditions generally hard going at times resulting in falling back onto CW, which consisted of about 50% of our total QSO’s mainly due to G0PZA!

If you did make contact with M2W over the weekend or within past HF contests and you would like to ‘double check’ that we have logged you correctly then we have a log book facility in ‘Log Search’  (see the above drop down link) just type in your call and it will list the times you have been logged.  We also have similar logs for our other club call signs.

Our contest team this year was Kevin G1KAW, Toby 2E0TBO, Garo G0PZA, Tony G4KLF, Colin M0DMJ, Colin (2) 2E0NOC, Grahame M6GAN, David G0MRF, Jonathan G8GD and Ian G0OFN.

QSL cards are via the RSGB or Eqsl, LOTW, HRD Lognet and Clublog.

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M2W 2011 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest Certificate

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A Happy Christmas and New Year to All

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ARISSat-1 Satellite Reception Award

We’ve been awarded a certificate for a reception from ARISSAT-1

The secret word heard was EXPLORE

Date Friday 19/8/2011
Time 19.25 UTC
145.950 MHz ICOM 910

Whitton Amateur Radio Group G0MIN

Also heard some voice telemetry. Panel temp 24 degrees Battery voltage 35.62V
and 2 frames of SSTV which did not decode on Ham Radio deluxe

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