M2W – IOTA 2011

This year the club returned to the South Coast for the second time because of the fantastic location with height and space to erect aerials and we would like to thank our Kevin G1KAW for organising this.

This year’s station was using our tried and trusted ICOMs IC756PRO III’s together with the following antennas: 10-15-20M 2 element Quad at 60ft, 10-15-20m Yagi at 35ft, 40M Vertical, 40M dipole and 80M Vertical. All the antennas were painstakingly assembled, erected and adjusted from scratch just for the contest. Thank goodness for the excellent weather. (Special thanks to Kevin G1KAW and Toby M6TBY).

Operation was is in the 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz bands.

The mast and three band quad was supplied by Nobby G0VJG and Ralph, M0MYC, as

both joined the team for the IOTA contest. The quad with out doubt gave the main station an edge even over the three-element beam, which was reallocated to our multi finding station.

Within the log book section of our web page you can insert your call sign to see
if we correctly logged your contact with us. QSL cards are advaible using the
RSGB QSL Bureau or on line via Eqsl.

For all those teams and operators around the world who answered our CQ calls
a big ‘thank you’ to you all from the Whitton Amateur Radio Group team, comprising: Garo G0PZA, Colin M0DMJ, Colin 2E0NOC, Kevin G1KAW, Toby M6TBY, Ian G0OFN, Nobby G0VJG and Ralph M0MYC.

Our results; we are hoping subject to confirmation that this year we have bettered last year effort, and even beat our own target. QSO totals were up 17% on last year, at 1808, Multipliers were up by 29% at 354 and the total score was 57% higher than last year, at about 3.6Million points. Last year’s EU005 top score in the 24hour Multi Single category was about 3.0Million, so we are delighted with our performance, given that we are not a fixed station!

We generally found that band conditions were favourable, but we did miss some opportunities on 80M and 15M, in particular on CW. Highlights included being called by a ZL at 7 am on 40M running on our dipole, and some strong BD/BV stations alongside the Russian powerhouses.

Our M2W breakdown per band and mode is as follows;-

Band Mode QSOs Pts IOTA
3.5 CW 26 126 5
3.5 LSB 108 804 29
7 CW 251 1449 55
7 LSB 278 1602 51
14 CW 313 1563 47
14 USB 460 2364 73
21 CW 8 120 8
21 USB 222 1398 48
28 CW 49 327 16
28 USB 85 519 21
Total Both 1800 10272 353
Score: 3,626,016

We are looking forward to IOTA 2012.

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M2W Wins Again – CW WPX 2010

  • #1 in UK
  • #14 in Europe
  • 4,193,640 Points

Congratulations to all who helped with this effort.

Previous Article Here

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GB2IKE – Sunday the 8th May 2011

It is our intention to use the call sign mainly on Sunday the 8th May 2011 as the Royal Park http://www.royalparks.gov.uk/Bushy-Park.aspx has an open day called ‘Chestnut Sunday’.  It is possible that we make use of the call sign on the Saturday before when placing the aerials etc,..

We have the Royal Parks to thank for allowing the station to be situated in Bushy Park and it is possible that these will be the first transmission from this location since WW2 and the base being operational.

During World War 1 large numbers of Canadian troops were stationed in the park. One of the large houses in the park, Upper Lodge, (previously a hunting lodge rebuilt around 1710 by the first Earl of Halifax) was used as the King’s Canadian Hospital.

In World War Two, part of Bushy Park became the site of a large US base called Camp Griffiss. In February and March 1944, General Eisenhower moved SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces) to Bushy Park from where the initial planning stages of Operation Overlord, the Normandy invasion, took place.

Near the Teddington end of the park, not far from Chestnut Avenue, a USAAF Memorial Plaque commemorates these events. Only when the war was over did local people learn the vital role Bushy Park had played.

Our station GB2IKE is located near the memorial for Camp Griffis

From 1942, Bushy Park became the site of a large U.S. base called Camp Griffiss, headquarters to a number of the Allied departments. General Dwight Eisenhower was averse to working in the centre of London during the Second World War.

He decided instead to make Bushy Park the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) centre for planning Operation Overlord, the 1944 D-Day.

We will be on all of the ‘Amateur Frequencies and we are looking forward to speaking to as many operators from around the world as possible but we are hoping that we find someone who was based in the Park during WW2.

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M2W 2011 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest

SSB: March 26-27, 2011

The club has been taking part in this event at the Whitton Community Centre and this year our main objective has been to break in our new club members and those who have never before taken part in such an event.

The station this year was a modest set up using the club ICOM 756 Pro 3 and matching ICOM amplifier. The antennas this year comprised of the main mast with the HF three element beam and two verticals one for 40 & one for 80m.

This year’s guest operator was G0VJG ‘Noby’ from Cray Valley Radio Society and the photograph of him shows him working 10m pointing state side.

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CQ WXP 2010

This result is a reflection on all of the hard work and commitment from all of the club members who participated in this contest.

So while reading the certificate have a smile of satisfaction and think to yourself
“#4 in England not bad not bad at all!’ so who was 1st 2nd and 3rd? next time we can do better ..

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M2W steps up ..

Whitton Club has over the years has thoroughly enjoyed taking part within HF contest as it helps all members to work as a team and of course to get-together as a group to do our best.

The club view is if you are a club member and you want to take part even if you have only just passed your exams then have a go.  We have also over the years enjoyed having over-sea guests asking to join in and participate using M2W so we must be doing something right.

The club receiving these two awards is just icing on the cake for all of us and just the thing to put M2W in the mood for the up and coming HF contest.

Worldwide WPX SSB Contest 2007

Worldwide WPX SSB Contest 2009

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Whitton in Radcom once more see article ..

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GB0KEW Steam Museum

Whitton Amateur Radio Group and ‘Pumping Stations on the Air’
(29th-30th August 2010)

Kew Bridge Steam Museum

This was our fourth bank holiday weekend at Kew Bridge Steam Museum (www.kbsm.org)‘and we were once more supported by our RSGB Area Rep Alison G4ROG who acted as our ‘meet and greet’ and explained the role of the RSGB to the public.

Our Club HF station operated on 80m, 40m, and 20m and was kept busy on both days with radio enthusiasts from around the world calling in. The public were able to hear the two way conversations as we had a prominent position within the museum.

Our radio station comprised of our club radio an Icom Pro 3 with matching ATU and 400w amp, a G5RV which was fixed from the very top of the museum tower down to a old steam beam by the car park. Many stations were worked and we are looking forward to receiving their QSL cards which we will display at next years event (GB0KEW).

Our past events at Kew were organised by Mike Hearn (G1WIA) who sadly passed away last year however, the club was extremely pleased that club members Linda (2E0YVR) and Bob (2E0ZBW) took up the challenge in conjunction with the RSGB to demonstrate and explain to the Kew visitors about amateur radio.

We were pleased to incorporate the weekend with “Pumping Stations on the Air” and we hope that those stations also taking part enjoyed their weekend as much as we did.

The club would like to thank Jo Willis and the staff of Kew Bridge Steam Museum for the invitation to use the museum and we look forward to next years event which will be our 5th .. Do look at Kew Steam web page and see the world’s largest collection of steam pumping engines, many of which you can see working every weekend.

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4th International Pumping Stations on the Air

Well it’s that time of year again for the International Pumping Stations on the Air event or locally known as Kew.

This is the 4th year & sadly for the club the 1st without Mike G1WIA at the helm.

The event will be open on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th at 11am until 5pm. The club will be operating on HF with CW and SSB using the callsign GB0KEW.

As in previous years the museum will be open and other events will be happening around Kew, although you know you’ll only be attending for the radio, but whilst there you can learn about Kew as well.

We look forward to seeing any visitors who wish to visit us on either of the two days.

Any WARG members wishing to visit the museum have been given a reduced club rate fee of just £6.00. The full rate for non-club members is £9.00.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum link

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D-STAR Talk by Chris Howard 2E0CTH

On Friday 11th June, Chris Howard 2E0CTH gave a talk about how he got into the hobby and why he got interested in D-STAR, & then how D-STAR works.

A basic overview is D-STAR is a Digital Mode for Voice & low speed data (name, callsign, location, etc) on 2m, 70cm and 23cm, and also High Speed Data (128Kbps) on 23cm only.

You can use D-STAR either in Simplex Mode, or via Repeaters or Links (most of which are internet connected). The Web connected Repeaters & Links can be connected to Reflectors (conference rooms) where communication around the world can take place. Chris mentioned that Reflectors REF001C (US) & REF005A (UK) are quite popular depending on time of day.

D-STAR users can also make use of DPRS (a D-STAR version of APRS) and send GPS data via the Links & Repeaters which is turn is feed to the internet (see GPS Mapping link below).

At the Moment Icom is the only manufacturer of D-STAR radios and these tend to start around the £350 price mark. The Programming Software & Cables, GPS units can be included or separate add ons which will cost more, and older radios which maybe “D-STAR Compatible” might need an additional add on board to work this mode.

Here are a few Dstar web links Chris sent to post on the webpage:-
Reflector 1C live audio stream – http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?feedId=1647

South Yorkshire repeater group dstar “shack cam” – http://www.southyorkshirerepeatergroup.co.uk/tv/gb7yd-tv

Bromley repeater group – http://www.gb3ok.com/gb7ok_homepage.html

Wikipedia article on Dstar – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-STAR

Ambe chip manual – http://www.dvsinc.com/manuals/AMBE-2020_manual.pdf

DStar UK Yahoo group – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dstar-uk

Article on GMSK modulation – http://www.scribd.com/mobile/documents/16190764/download?commit=Download+Now

DStar Tutorial – http://www.napasars.org/news/Mar09/Dstartutorial.htm

Icom dstar page – http://www.icomuk.co.uk/categoryRender.asp?categoryID=3786

DStar repeater directory – http://dstarusers.org/repeaters.php

GPS mapping site – http://aprs.fi/

Dstar DV Adapter – http://dstarradioclub-international.com/DstarDVAdapter.aspx

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